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Bariatric Nutrition Manual and Trackers



The bariatric nutrition manual toolkit is packed with client education.


  • Bariatric Meal Planner (PDF)
  • Bariatric Nutrition Manual (PDF)
    The Building Blocks of a Balanced Diet – client education
    Protein – bariatric serving size, protein sources, protein supplements chart, food list
    Non-starchy vegetables
    Refined CHO
    Sugar, Sweeteners, & Sugar Alcohols
    Bariatric Plate Method
    Bariatric Meal Pattern Example – # of servings per day of each food group and meal breakdown
    Cooking Basics – tips & tricks
    Hydration/ Caffeine
    Supplementation for each procedure – Bypass, Sleeve, DS
    Bariatric Supplement Brands – table with RD recommendations within each brand to meet minimal clinical dosage per ASMBS guidelines
    Potential nutritional implications per procedure
  • Pre/Post Op Bariatric Diet Progression Protocols & Timeline – w/ nutritional guidelines and reminders
    Timeline of diet progression tracker – the client will input custom dates depending on their surgery date.
    Pre-Op diet protocol
    Clear Liquid protocol
    Modified Full Liquid protocol
    Pureed protocol
    Soft, high-protein food protocol
    Bariatric regular diet protocol
    Snack ideas
    Key nutritional guidelines to remember checklist
    Common nutrition FAQ
  • Bariatric Meal Planner (PDF): Bariatric Meal Pattern w/ estimated portion sizes
    Example meal, fluid, and supplement intake schedule
    Blank Meal Pattern Template
  • Additional Resources
    Potential problems and suggested solutions
    Tips to Pace Yourself
    Tips when hitting a weight loss plateau
    Where to buy supplements
    How to read a nutrition label
    Helpful websites and apps
  • Trackers
    Nutrition appointment reminders
    GOAL worksheet
    Lifestyle bariatric guidelines tracker
    Blank Meal Pattern Template
    Weight trackers
    Food journals – daily, weekly, and chart form