Nutrition + Fitness Challenge

written by Lauren Elizabeth January 22, 2018

Do you feel sluggish throughout the day?🍊Hitting a plateau in your training?🏋🏼‍♀️Need to hit the reboot button?

Take a step back and evaluate your nutrition. What are you eating? How often? Are you eating enough?🌿

If you are as confused as many people about your NUTRITION or need that EXTRA PUSH, keep reading!!! Ill share my experience in the COMMENTS below.

You’ve probably heard the saying “you are what you eat,” “abs are made in the kitchen,” etc…there is a lot of truth to consuming whole nutrient dense foods that powers our bodies and effects our health. Good thing is, I have a solution for YOU!!!

🚨Starting FEBRUARY 12-MARCH 18 we begin a month long nutrition + fitness challenge called CG FIT! 💥Open to current and NEW members.

CG fit is here to help you with all those nutrition questions lead by registered dietitians and support by your ALL- certified CG personal trainers!!!

Learn what your body needs for fuel with our inbody test, get recipe suggestions, nutrition guidance, track your progress, and of course…amazing workouts all month long!!!

Snap Kitchen is now giving everyone who signs up for CG FIT a special discount! That, plus the FREE CG SWAG (t-shirt) for getting 12 check-ins is well worth the money.


Here is what CG FIT entails:
  • 2 body composition tests on the Inbody machine,  beginning of the 4 week camp and after. You get a base line of your body fat %, muscle mass & BMR (how many calories you need to be eating in a day)
  • Nutritional guidance and content from Snap Kitchen…plus some exclusive offers.
  • A fit test done out at camp at the beginning and the end of the four weeks! (Shown on the CGF FIT app)
  • An opportunity to earn red/black CG FIT T-shirt if completed all of the CG FIT components!
  • Access to the CG FIT portion of the app to track all components of the program
  • Access to an exclusive FB Community Group where you can find tips and encouragement from trainers and other campers participating in Fit from your area (share recipes, ask questions, encouragement, help with My Fitness Pal, etc)
  • UNLIMITED workouts at ANY location that is always run by an EXPERIENCED and CERTIFIED personal trainer.
$79 for non-BOLD members
$49 for BOLD members
$39 if you participated in the previous FIT


IF you are CURRENTLY a BOLD member with Camp Gladiator, you can PRE-REGISTER with this link 👇👇👇👇

FOR NEW CAMPERS, CONTACT ME or message your trainer NOW and get signed up!!

Share/Tag your friends and have an accountability buddy for the next camp! 

Have questions? Send me a message!

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