How to Calculate Your Target Heart Rate

written by Lauren Elizabeth July 6, 2017
How to Calculate Your Target Heart Rate

The intensity of your workout is determined by your Target Heart Rate Zone (THRZ). To burn FAT, you want to be the 60-80% of your max heart rate reserve. To find your max heart rate, use the equation below:

Age-predicted maximal HR = 220-age(yr) 

*allow for 10+/- bpm deviation

In order to find your range, you will need your RESTING HEART RATE (RHR). 
To calculate your RHR, have someone time you for 30seconds while you count your pulse. Preferably do this in the morning right after you wake up. This will give you a more accurate “resting” HR, since you haven’t been up doing any type of activity to increase your HR. 

To show how to calculate YOUR TARGET HEART RATE ZONE, below is an example. If you need help please send me and email and I can calculate for you. 

RHR= 70 bpm; Age =24 yrs
Step 1: Calculate Max HR (bpm):
Max HR = 220 – 24 = 196 bpm
126 x (.8) = 100.8 + 70 = 170.8
Step 2: Calculate  Max HR (bpm) – RHR (bpm):
196 – 70 = 126 bpm
Step 3: Calculate HR (bpm) at each end of the range 60% and 80%
126 x (.6) = 75.6 + 70 = 145.6
126 x (.8) = 100.8 + 70 = 170.8


Use this zone to be an indicator for your cardiovascular intensity. It is recommended that in order to receive cardiovascular benefits from exercise, you must be in this zone for 20 CONSECUTIVE MINUTES. 

I use a polar heart rate monitor during my workouts to make sure I stay within my target zone. 

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