7 Signs You’re Over Training

written by Lauren Elizabeth March 5, 2019
7 Signs You’re Over Training

I never really considered myself much of a blogger but I love to share with others and educate them in my area of expertise, FITNESS! I have a passion for it, but most importantly, it is my way of LIFE! It is a part of who I am and makes me me. There is a TON of information out on the internet about fad diets, new way to drop pounds fast, etc. My goal with my blog is to bring you information based from research and years of experience. This field is forever growing and expanding which is why I am so drawn to it! Keeps you on your toes and learning, ALWAYS! 😀

We have a mentality that the harder and more intense we workout the better & faster we will see results. But, you have to remember that our body grows and improves on our days of REST! You heard me, REST! It is so crucial to let our bodies adjust, adapt, & recover from the physical stress we put it through. Here are 7 SIGNS that you’re OVER-TRAINING:


A symptom that can be so annoying! Sleep is very important for overall health & fitness. When you have trouble sleeping, this can mess with your circadian rhythm and compromise your sleep quality. We want a good 7-8 hours of sleep per night.


Having a LOW resting heart rate is a great indicator of endurance & cardiovascular fitness. If you realize your resting heart rate is starting to increase higher than normal (for YOU), check your workout regimen and see if you need to recover.


When we over train, our bodies increase the production of a stress hormone. Combine that with lack of sleep=FATIGUE. You feel tired all day long and exhausted at end of your workouts.


Exercise helps stimulate important hormones to relieve stress. But, with TOO MUCH stress we can also cause our body to decrease the production of those hormones leaving us irritable & stressed.


I know when I was training for my marathon, I definitely felt this one! Heavy leg is where you fill like you are just carrying around extra sandbags and find it difficult to walk/run or decreased pace. Almost like you have ankle weights on. This is a sure sign you are pushing your body to far and need to let it recover.


Feeling sick more often with cold, flu, and other viruses? Check yourself and allow your body to REST!. Those that are over training are more susceptible to getting ill.


Hopefully, you will allow your body to rest before you get to this point in your training. Keeping your body under constant physical stress (even good stress such as exercise) prohibits the body from healing & recovery processes, leading to injuries.

BOTTOM LINE: Listen to your body, do not be stubborn and keep pushing your limits when your body feels like breaking down. REST & RECOVER, I promise you will benefit in the end. No one wants to be injured and out of exercise, so plan accordingly. 

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