4 Spices to Aid in Weight Loss

written by Lauren Elizabeth March 4, 2019
4 Spices to Aid in Weight Loss

Adding flavor is important to any dish. Why would we eat it if it tasted bland? With my competition just around the corner I have found different ways to add flavor to a dish. Eating protein 3x/day for 12 weeks can get boring, so finding ways to “spice” it up has been fun! Right now I am in a HUGE ginger & turmeric phase and it happens that those are two spices on this list!


Ginger is know for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and helps promote insulin insensitivity. This helps reduce the amount of fatty acids in the blood and stabilize blood sugar levels. Both of these properties promote weight loss. Also, try FRESH ginger! I absolutely love the smell and flavor.

Dishes: Asian inspired stir-fries, ground turkey patties, mixed vegetables, greek salad, tea


Popular in indian dishes such as curry, this spice is growing in popularity do to health benefits. Turmeric plays a role in differentiation of fat cells stopping them from forming or reducing their size. Remember once we have fat cells, we eat healthy & exercise to maintain them but NEVER get rid of (unless done through surgery). That is why living a healthy lifestyle is important for fat reduction and not just following a “fad” diet.

Dishes: Broccoli, cauliflower, chicken dishes, hard boiled eggs


I absolutely LOVE GARLIC! Sometimes, I can go a little overboard. This strong spice may help with the amount you eat due to its strong taste & smell. Consuming garlic has been shown by research to incresae your body temperature and increase your metabolism. Be sure to always carry a breath mint! 😉

Dishes: I use in almost everything, except breakfast or on fruit.


Spicy foods contain capsaicinoids which are a threat to fat cells! They increase your body’s energy expenditure and you also tend to eat less (portion control). Unless you are a HOT junky! When it comes to spicy foods, it doesn’t take much for my mouth to feel in flames. I also love to use cayenne pepper.

What are some of your favorite cooking spices???

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