17 Trends + Fads

written by Lauren Elizabeth March 5, 2018
17 Trends + Fads

Living in a digital era, we have ACCESS to so much information! But, how can we tell apart what nutrition practices work BEST for EACH individual??? Do you find yourself on a yo-yo cycle of eating well, losing weight, seeing results, LIFE HAPPENS, gain it back, lose energy, tired of feeling like poo, REPEAT??…..

During this process you most likely look to the internet, friends, family, celebrities to FIND what is the NEW EASY QUICK fix to reach your results? I know I can get impatient! I have seen what my body is capable of doing (and in a pretty quick response as well!). Currently, I am in a period of my life where I have learned to be patient, focus on health, and find the purpose behind my recovery. I have been in a health battle over the last couple of years and it has taught me a lot about nutrition, fitness, and my body!!! I still get impatient at times, but I have learned how to use this journey to educate my clients on the quality of life, health, and nutrition RATHER than just a “quick” outcome to reach the results they want in a short amount of time.

So….this brings me back to my post! Use the link provided BELOW to receive a FREE PDF nutrition guide by Precision Nutrition that helps you decipher the trends and fads going on today. Use myself as a tool and resource to help coach or guide you to find what nutrition practice is BEST FOR YOU and overall promotes health and wellness. The goal of life should be to prioritize your health to improve your quality of life! Weight management and your physique goals WILL follow…no need to follow a trend or fad if in the long run, it will put your health at risk or lead to malnutrition. It is so funny to reflect back over time and view the “fads & trends…” most of them stay the same with a DIFFERENT name. I love being back in school earning my masters in nutrition to learn more to share with you all and be a reliable source of information to educate the public. Please never hesitate to contact me with questions you may have.

Note from PN:

“New info is always coming out in the fields of health, fitness, and
nutrition, which makes it hard to stay informed…

…especially when it comes to *controversial* topics like detoxes,
grains, GMOs, workout nutrition, calorie math, and more.

With all the hype and pseudoscience, how can you reliably separate fact
from fiction — and help others do the same?

Because, in it, Precision Nutrition covers:

* How to analyze research like a pro and turn it into real-life results.
* GMOs, gluten, cleanses, nutrient timing: what the science says.
* 6 proven ways to transform anyone’s diet in a sustainable way.
* The surprising problems with calorie counting + what to do instead.
* And much more.”


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